Low Budget Travelling In Java Island

Every people in the world know that java island is one of exotic island in the world. Not special just in the beauty of nature but in java island has many culture different with others island in Indonesia. So, that’s condition make travelers antuism and interest come to java island. If you want come to java island you can coming all the time in the year. Java island have two weathers in the year, they are summer weather and rain weather.

I suggest to you for don’t wory to coming to java island specially for you which the condition of healty not in good contition because the temperature in java island not exstrim like in other places. Please, come to java island quickly as soon as possible because many experience you cant get it and that’s will make you happiness, trust me !

 The persepsion many travelerr if you want make plann travelling must be have a lot of money. That’s not false for others place, but if you want to around java island with some money event with the minimalize budget you still can going to java island without worry you run out your money. The fact, when you loss your money in java will be help you. The citizens of java will services you like as their family. Finally, going to with low budget travelling in java island is realized with low money

The frist step if you will make to plan travelling to java you must collect the information about your destination. You can make some allternatif trip when realize your travelling because many destination tourism in java island. The heritage in java very looking beautiful cause the detail of heritage having story about how the heritage that making in the long time ago. The Heritage believe or not maked from some materials uniqe for example using eggs as replacement cement in right now. The technique maked the heritage not using nails from iron but using substitutions material from wood nails.

Then, when you coming to java don’t worry about eat because so many food sale in the street which you travelling in the road of java island. The food which you can buy with cheap price as one us dollar for your breakfast,lunch, or dinner. The taste of food believe me is amazing because using spices from local contant for examples ginggers, peppers, coconuts, and others. How to cook is very tradisitional method like using wood to burn in the top of fire from wood. So, you will get experience how eating with traditional food of java with amazing sensation.

The traveler will check in for stay overnigh can be the information from the webside wich join operation with low budget hotel/motel/homestay or private house rent to rent with low budget traveler. The price in some place between $ 5 until $ 15 for every night. That’s very very cheap of the price.

Event when you travelling in some place where in that location nothing hotel or house to stay overnight, I suggest you for don’t worry. The travelers can using goverment office or police office to stay overnight without paid. The travelers just keep clean the place after using the part of office room. They understand with you why stay overnight in their place.

The increadiable character of java people that’s their like helping each others who need helf. The travelers just said please I need some help local citizen without many questions they will be help you giving some wother, food, free house. The tradition for helping each others people in java island call gotong royong. Thats means we will help you as we can doit. Doing helping each other means gotong royong doit just not for local citizen but for foreign people too.

Low budget travelling in java island can be realized after you collect many information before you traveling. I suggest make a good trip plan before go to java island and I will be waiting for you in java. When you having many information about your destination I believe you will not confuse or sad of your heart just enjoy in your trip. I believe your coming with happy cause you will get wonderfull experience specialy when you coming with low budget travelling in java island.

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