Culture Tourism In Java Island

Java island is a part of Indonesia country. If you don’t know about java island may I give you some information about java island. Java island is home to mother nation’s capital, Jakarta. Java is also the most heavily populated island, with more than half of the country’s population. The government is currently trying to encourage migration to other islands to alleviate overpopulation problems, but this has sometimes caused conflicts between Java settlers and the natives of other islands.

The problelem of heavily populated in java as a problem, but in others side with heaviy populated being since a long go make a benefit for human relationship where every interaction  people with others people in different state in java island finaliy createad unique culture in every state in java island.

The culture of java island devided three sub culture and their are west java, central java, and east java. I tell you something event the culture of java in the top devided three sub culture, actually  they are still can be devided again being little sub culture. For example in east java we know about culture of sunda but culture of sunda can devided to be sunda bogoran, sunda bandung, sunda cianjura, sunda kerawangan. Every part of sunda culture have different of life style, traditional music, wedding regulation, farming regulation, and others of  unique.

I said that the different of sub culture in java island right now and for the future can be assets of culture tourism. Now people want to seeing different culture in others country than they are around the world and one of they make a tripp plan to culture tourism in java island.  Why java island interest to visit by tourist because first the trip destination very cheap budget and second in the destintion tourism you can be a part culture society.

When tourist interesnt visit to one state in java to seeing life of citizen in a village I sugget you to life in in their community minimal for three days. Than, when you live in local society I suggest you must be live as their live. The simple example you will be know how they cook the food, you will be get wonderfull sensation when you bath in the river with the cows or buffalos, you will be get exotic inspiration when you life in then rice field seeing  the birds fly or eat the rice. All i write in the top to explain about a simple identification of characteristic of culture tourism.

Culture tourism I said to be the way we know about others live in others place although live in some planet. The big question about a between as is an answer why we life between different parents too (mom and dad). That’s reality can be explain when you to be culture tourist, u will watching the life of many religions and traditions in the earth. It’s the fact !

Nothing people said disappointed when coming and life in a village as culture tourist. Tourist give me the answer how their live like a new life or second life because they get opportunity to know how god is real coming to every people in the world with defferent language, different religions, different character of people. I said doing culture tourism java island created people to be human naturalist because you undersand why God gived differentiation between as but next we have same spirit to live together in the earth. Tolerance and simpati will you get after finish travelling as a culture tourist !

Many village in java island declared be a cultural village. You can get the informations by searching in the google, open the webside which promoting about cultural village or send email to tourism office district. So don’t worry, I suggest u get real make a plan trip be a culture toursim not for just come to one cultural village but minimal three cultural village or more a lot of is better good.

Doing travelers as culture tourism in java island is not spent a lot of money because the traditions of local community not as businessmen when receive the guest of their village. The price when you be a guest in a culture village is very cheep event you get a free cost when u return again to visit their village. Relationship as a brother or sister must be build consintenly between you and the local society.  The all benefit can you receive all the time as a traveler cause. I suggest you recommendations to others tourist to visit their village and your doing certainly make local society respect on you.

To get ticket as a culture tourism in java island to coming one culture village is not difficult because just some culture village limited the visitor or guest. The local community want their live not disturbed with many tourist come in. So, organizing and maintenance asset of village must be doing consintenly by them.

Finally, make a dream to visit culture village in java island soon realize. Faster better ! The citizen of culture tourism destination waiting your coming. Realize right now be a culture tourism in java island.

Post Author: cafebun